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Scott Stephenson

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Chief Revenue Officer

Scott, also known as the "Silver Dollar Man," is a highly respected entrepreneur and educator. In 2020, he founded the Silver Dollar Academy, which has provided thousands of students with a top-notch education. With over 40 years of sales experience, Scott is known for his Silver Dollar Guarantee. As a symbol of his commitment to honesty and integrity, he gives everyone he does business with a silver dollar.

Born and raised on the East Coast, Scott has spent his entire life in Maryland. He is a seasoned co-host of over 250 episodes at Title One Studio and co-founded the Utah Podcast Coalition, a platform that educates local podcasters. His popular course, "Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks, "inspires people of all ages to conquer new media.

 Scott is also an active social media influencer, having posted over 400 times on Instagram since 2021. His dedication to sharing valuable content and building authentic connections with his followers is unwavering. Whether he's teaching in-person or online, Scott's mission is to empower others and help them reach their full potential.

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